EZ Connector Is A Better Fit

EZ Connector Inc. (www.ezconnector.com), developer and manufacturer of high-performance products for improving the safety and reliability of electrical trailer and towing connections, has introduced a new adapter for its EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7) electrical towing connection system. The backward-compatible male and female adapters are designed to connect EZ Connector’s EZR7 to legacy 7-blade RV connectors, enabling users to take advantage of the EZR7’s many benefits while converting their vehicles and trailers.

Designed with a tighter fit and tolerance than in legacy connectors, EZ Connector’s new adapters mitigate the “wiggle” in the legacy plug end of the adapters to improve the electrical contact. The adapters are an ideal interim solution for the industry – both with individuals who may need to tow another’s trailer with a legacy electrical connection and businesses who want to gradually convert their legacy systems to the high-quality EZR7 system.

“We are pleased to offer the truck equipment industry our new adapters, which allow users to experience the many safety and reliability benefits of our EZR7 without having to immediately convert all of their vehicles and towing implements to our water- and corrosion-proof electrical connection system,” said Joe Cardoza, President of EZ Connector.

The EZR7 electrical connection system ensures that electrical components such as lights and brakes work every time a trailer or other equipment is towed. Available in several models including traditional and fifth-wheel versions, the EZR7 is designed as a universal configuration that can adapt to a variety of applications. Unlike the common blade plugs available in today’s market, the patented EZR7 uses spring-loaded face-to-face contacts so that drawbacks such as arcing and contact abrasion from frequent cycling are eliminated. The combination of spring-loaded pins and fixed contacts also allows for electricity to easily pass from socket to plug, and mitigates problems such as voltage drop due to increased electrical resistance and the resulting open-circuiting of brakes and lights.

In addition, the EZ Connector product is the only vehicle-trailer connector that has been Society of Automotive Engineers tested and certified as waterproof and corrosion-resistant when in use, given its built-in double o-ring seals. EZ Connector uses neodymium magnets to hold the plug and socket together rather than a latch. The sheer strength of these magnets provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions, while allowing for both plug and socket to immediately release in case a user forgets to disconnect the trailer from vehicle.

The EZR7 adapters are expected to retail in the $30 range, while the EZR7 system is available for less than $100. For more information, purchase locations and selling opportunities please visit the company’s website at www.ezconnector.com or call the company at +1-559-686-5889.

About EZ Connector Inc.
EZ Connector Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the patented EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7), which is the first plug/socket combination of its kind on the market to improve the reliability of the vehicle/trailer connection. Designed with ease-of-use, reliability and safety in mind, EZ Connector's suite of electrical towing connection products is ideal for a variety of military, fleet, recreational, non-commercial and commercial applications, including boating, farming, RV, trucking and other activities. EZ Connector also manufactures an array of complementary products to enable a safer, simpler towing experience. The EZR7 is winner of Popular Mechanics 2008 Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation. Headquartered in Tulare, Calif., EZ Connector Inc. is a privately held company. For more information, please visit www.ezconnector.com.


AmeriDeck Hydraulic Loading System

AmeriDeck's hydraulic loading system is designed to work in the bed of a standard pickup truck. Installing an AmericDeck loading system onto your full sized pickup turns it into a true work machine.

When equipped with on eof the many detachable decks, the AmeriDeck loading system can lift up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment or materials into the back of a pickup truck for safe transportation. Their innovative truck loading system serves the same purpose as a utility trailer, minus insurance costs and registration costs.

With three standard models available, the AmeriDeck hydraulic loading system can be installed on any standard 8 foot or 6.5 foot bed, as well as many service bodies. The versatility and user friendly operation of this system provides truck fleets with more options than ever when deploying their teams to the field.

Check out all the great information on AmeriDeck's website at www.powerdecks.com.


Croz Custom Metal Fab Great Welder Body

A couple of days ago at a Chamber of Commerce morning mixer in Vacaville, CA, I had the opportunity to photograph the welder body of Don Crossley, owner/operator or Croz Custom Metal Fabrication.

What an interesting body. I just kept taking pictures because there was so much to see. Don has modified a custom welder body to the hilt. Look at the photo above with the electrical outlets on the back of the compartment. Inside that box is a 3,000 watt inverter, another photo shows an emergency cutoff switch under the dash in case of an issue with the inverter. Of course many of the standard welding items are aboard and Don does many different types of welding and so has a lot of items he carries to do what he needs when he needs to do it.

One photo shows a folded, large umbrella he stores behind the cab and there is a mounting bracket in the middle of the bed so that he can open the umbrella and it extends out over the rear work area to keep his work area cool when he is outside working on a job in the sun. How fascinating. Notice the custom rear bumper that he made out of a running board from an SUV. And, we can't miss the crane in the center of the bed.

I think Don could go out on a job in the middle of the wilderness and be out there a couple of weeks and he would have everything he might need to do all the work! If it isn't on this truck, he doesn't need it. Our thanks go to Don for sharing this great truck with us. You can call Don at 707-580-4727.


Reading Aluminum Service Body

Aluminum Service Body Offers Lighter Weight Dependability

READING, PA ---- You can expect more standard features and improved fuel economy with Reading Truck Body’s rugged, green-friendly Aluminum Service Bodies, now available in 8’ single wheel and 9’ dual wheel models. Weighing 500 pounds less than comparable steel service bodies, Reading’s aluminum 8’ service body offers advantages and benefits including:

· Increased fuel efficiency
· Better payload capacity
· Less wear and tear on chassis components
· A 10-year warranty
· Built with recyclable materials
· Reading Truck Body name and quality

Headquartered in Reading, PA, The Reading Group owns Reading Truck Body, LLC, with two manufacturing plants; Reading Equipment & Distribution, LLC, specializing in both dealer sales and custom product sales; and Reading Fleet Services, provider of complete product and logistic solutions to commercial fleets and leasing companies. In September 2008, The Reading Group acquired America’s Body Co. (ABC), a distributor of innovative truck equipment products with nationwide coverage to dealers and end users. The Reading Group has 12 Company-owned installation facilities and more than 120 independent distributors. www.readingbody.com


Huge Payloads With Zero Emissions: The Newton

The Newton

Huge Payloads with Zero Emissions

From Smith Electric Vehicles

Build a better world and a better business with this nimble workhorse

Now doing what's right for the planet also is what's right for your business. The SEV Newton is the world's largest electric delivery with a top speed of 50 mph and a range in excess of 100 miles on a single charge. All while hauling up to 16,060 lbs. of cargo in a quicker, easier to drive package than its diesel equivalent. The Newton is the perfect solution for a wide range of urban delivery applications. Your drivers will feel good about driving a truly environmentally-friendly truck, but they'll feel great about its quicker 0-30 speed and easy, no-shift driving.

Applications include:
  • Food distribution
  • Parcel delivery
  • Chilled food distribution
  • Short haul
  • Utilities
  • Airport operations
  • Public sector

The Smith Newton is available in the following GVW's:

  • 16,535 lbs
  • 23,148 lbs
  • 26,455 lbs

See some great videos on this product at www.sev-us.com along with much more information on this very exciting product!


Battery Electric Ford Transit Connect By Smith Electric

Battery Electric Ford Transit Connect From Smith Electric Vehicles

Cutting Edge Design With The Heart Of An Environmentalist.

This Could Be The Perfect Urban Delivery Vehicle.

Smith Electric Vehicles has teamed with the best and the brightest at Ford to create an urban delivery vehicle unlike anything you've ever seen before. With payloads up to 1,600 pounds and a top speed of 70 mph, this amazing new urban vehicle can go up to 100 miles on a single charge of its all-electric power system. 0% emissions. 0% noise. 100% smart business move. Plus, the all electric-powered vehicle requires no shifting and is faster from zero to 30 than its traditionally-powered equivalent. The all-electric motor and drive train have been proven reliable in the cities of Europe for years. And now this electric power comes in a new generation of cutting edge design that brings new levels of functionality to light-duty urban vans. This new van could do wonders for your business's efficiency AND its image.

The all-electric Ford Transit Connect (BEV) is perfectly engineered for the unique demands of light-duty urban tasks. Highly maneuverable, quick and easy-to-rive, your drivers will absolutely love taking this van out on the streets. Plus the Transit Connects thoughtful design makes it highly desirable for a host of application with need for frequent stops and lots of in and out access to the vehicle.

Applications include:

  • Home shopping
  • Parcel delivery
  • Utilities
  • Airport operations
  • Public sector
  • Facilities management
  • Service engineers
  • Building trades
  • Catering

Lower costs as well as emissions

The Transit Connect improves the environment AND your bottom line. In addition to the substantial reduction in fuel costs (currently 75% less than diesel), the Transit Connect substantially lowers maintenance costs throughout the life of the vehicle.

Better for the environment and for performance

The constant stopping and starting of urban delivery brings out the worst in diesel performance. Loud, dirty and inefficient. But the Transit Connect totally eliminates all these negatives and outperforms it as well.

No noise, no gear changes, no cab vibrations and quicker acceleration give your drivers a stress-free experience that will make them happy to become urban environmentalists.

For more information, email Mark Aubry at mark.aubry@sev-us.com, or call 602-814-6793. Also visit the Smith Electric website at www.sev-us.com.


Hannay Reels Updated

Hannay Reels offers several recently updated reels designed for a variety of work truck applications, including welding, machine, grounds maintenance, air compressor and wash down. Hannay’s custom design capabilities also allow them to offers expertise and manufacturing flexibility to build a custom reel to exact specifications.

The N400 Series gas welding reel is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and safety of welding operations. The reel handles ¼-inch through 3/8-inch oxygen/gas dual hose in lengths of up to 100 feet. It features two swivel joint inlets and two outlet risers to handle twin gas welding hose. The narrow frame design of the N400 makes it ideal for environments with limited space.

The N700 spring rewind hose reel has been continuously enhanced with service, efficiency and safety features to meet an even broader range of applications. A non-sparking separate ratchet assembly unit composed of machined, forged and stamped parts makes the reel safer to operate. The new design affords better access to the pawl and pin, even in hard-to-reach machine applications. Newly designed seals in the heavy-duty spring motor and redesigned arbor, provide superior protection in dirty environments and simplifies maintenance. The position of the hose riser has also been adjusted to improve alignment of the hose on the drum during retraction. The N700 can accommodate single ¼-inch through ½-inch I.D. hose and is designed for lubrication, air/water, assembly, wash down and general industrial applications.

The 1500 Series hose reel is specifically designed for grounds maintenance and pressure washing. Its compact size and various options make this reel exceptionally versatile. A direct-crank rewind is permanently attached to the axle. A chain and sprocket-driven motor option is also available, run by either an electric, hydraulic or compressed air power rewind. An optional positive, spring-activated pin lock is available for the power rewind model to prevent freewheeling and recoil from pressure surges. The 1500 Series can accommodate ¼-inch to 5/8-inch I.D. hose.

The 1800 Series, a lightweight, compact reel designed for long lengths of hose, is available in manual or power rewind. A direct-crank rewind is permanently attached and a chain-and-sprocket drive is powered by electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor. Ideal applications for the 1800 Series include air compressors and wash down, and it can handle single 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch I.D. hose.

Since 1933, Hannay Reels has been helping companies around the world improve the productivity, efficiency and safety of their operations with hose and cable reels. Hannay’s extensive design experience, “mass customization” production process, and quality controls have made the company the leading choice among reel users and OEMs alike. Hannay recently celebrated its diamond anniversary, marking 75 years of reel pride for the company. For additional information, contact: Hannay Reels Inc., 553 State Route 143, Westerlo, NY 12193. Phone: 1.877.467.3357. Fax: 1.800.733.5464. International Phone: 518.797.3791. International Fax: 518.797.3259. Website: www.hannay.com E-mail: catalogs@hannay.com


PAR 36 LED Work Lights by SoundOff Signal

New LED Work Lights

PAR 36 LED Work Lights 500 and 1000 Lumen


  • Announcing our new 500 and 1000 Lumen LED Work Lights that are built for the most demanding work environments including material handling, construction, agricultural, forestry, mining and other off road equipment applications.
  • Lights are proudly Made in the USA with quality and expertise you can rely on. SoundOff is a leader in LED lighting to the law enforcement, truck & bus markets.
  • Long-lasting life of 30,000+ hours - no more broken bulbs and long lasting, reliable light output to illuminate your work areas and equipment.
  • Mounting Bracket is made from a stainless steel and can be tilted forward or back 180 degrees to angle the light where you need it.
  • Waterproof o-ring sealed design with a rugged die cast metal housing protects the LEDs from lust, vibration and moisture even in the toughest work environments.
  • Featuring exclusive premium optics that boost the LED power in Spot, Flood or Trapezoid illumination patterns.
  • Color Temperature is 5700 k, a natural white color.
  • 500 Lumen light has 3 bright, white Generation3 LEDs and the 1000 Lumen light is built with 6 LEDs.
  • Input voltage range of 10-60 Vdc for world wide use.
  • Low amp draw won't burden your vehicle's electrical systems:
  • 500 Lumen light: 1.3 amps @ 12.8 Vdc, 0.6 amps @ 25.6 Vdc or 0.3 amps @ 51.2 Vdc
  • 1000 Lumen light: 3.0 amps @ 12.8 Vdc, 0.9 amps @ 25.6 Vdc or 0.4 amps @ 51.2 Vdc

SoundOff Signal is an employee owned company. Check out their full line of light products at www.soundoffsignal.com.


More Carter Industries Contractor Leadership

The last post talked about Carter Industries innovation in Contractor Body design. This post will add to that legacy. Carter came out with a whole new design for the upper bed box for the Contractor body. On a typical 12' Contractor, everyone else had an 8' upper bed box with open top lids and two fold-down style doors. They were about 15" to 16" deep typically and similar height. They were nice, but then Carter hit the market with the white steel tall boxes shown above with matching underbed boxes. These boxes instead of being 8' long, were slightly shorter and much taller. This design allowed for better storage solutions for the type of cargo the end users who bought these needed. In addition, Carter added 2 slide out drawers in one set of boxes and shelves in the other side. It was an instant hit.

One of the most interesting things is that Carter hit the market with this new innovative product and sold it for the same price as their previous model. While others raised their prices, Carter maintained and scooped up more market share. I think they would have done just fine even charging a premium for this body since it was so fresh and interesting.

This unit also came with a long compartment at the back end that some call a shovel door. I do not know what it is used for, but shovels would be a challenge. I don't really see the value of it, but some people seem to like the fact it is there.

There was one drawback to the new boxes. They were very heavy. It is not a one hand operation. So after a couple of years or so, Carter comes out with another change by offering the boxes in aluminum treadbrite. They are about the same size and have the same features except the doors are very light and visually they are much more interesting.

Other companies began following with their own larger boxes after Carter made such a hit with the new steel boxes. Nobody did a box quite like Carters. Most made similar boxes to the ones they made before, except made them larger and added a drawer or two. All this became standard equipment in a new offering from the competitors. Again, Carter led with innovation and created an industry standard.

For the full line of products from Carter Industries, go to www.carterind.com.

Spy Photos. Sometimes You Lead. Innovation.

These are "spy" photos taken in the field in the late summer of 2003. At the time, I worked for Harbor Truck Bodies and these photos are of an innovation of the gates on a Contractor Body by having them fold-down and stay attached to the truck as opposed to the common method of lifting them out. It was very common for someone to take out a gate to facilitate use of the truck bed, then drive off and leave the gate behind. This innovation solved that problem. It was introduced by Carter Industries in 2003 as standard equipment on their Contractor Body and most of the manufacturers since that time have followed suit and also have fold-down gates as standard equipment.

So, I took these photos and sent them to my company to show them this great new product. It is such a simple design and so very well done in my opinion. It is just a simple hinge, half welded to the body and the other to the gate post. There is a rubber bumper that rest on the side of the flatbed frame so the gate doesn't scratch the body. I loved this design also because if you did want to remove the gate, it was just a matter of sliding the pin out of the hinge portion welded to the body and just as easy to put back in. The gate locks held it securely in place. Most who do this now, it is not that easy to take the gates off. So, I loved the flexibility of having the hinge and being able to remove the gate easily if desired. There are times when the gate is in the way even if it folds down.

Carter Industries was the only one doing this gate system for several months and one by one, the competition began doing their own design. Now, virtually all of them do it. Carter went from being a leader through innovation to creating an industry standard. Pretty cool. Sometimes you lead.


New Ford 2011 F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis

CHICAGO, March 3, 2009 – Ford expands its commercial stripped chassis offerings with the new F-59 Super Duty® delivering an impressive combination of generous payload capacity, low step-in and loading heights, and proven reliability and durability. The new chassis is being unveiled today at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) trade show.

“The F-59 Super Duty chassis brings significant Ford commercial vehicle expertise to a unique commercial segment,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. “These three new offerings expand our stripped chassis portfolio, helping more customers address their task-specific applications.”

Robust and Adaptable
The 2011 F-59 Super Duty commercial stripped chassis is based on a ladder-type, single channel frame constructed from 36,000 pounds per square inch steel. This solid foundation is available in 158-, 178- and 208-inch wheelbase lengths, at respective 16,000, 19,500 and 22,000 pound Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR).

These size and cargo capabilities allow body manufacturers and operators to tailor the F-59 stripped chassis to specific application and subsequent needs. This chassis will be ideal for multi-stop couriers and expeditors, linen and commercial laundry services, printed media delivery, carpet delivery and installation, parcel portage, mobile machine shops, portable medical units and food/beverage delivery, among others.

Commercial customers can refer to www.fleet.ford.com/truckbbas/topics/bodybuild.html when F-59 is available for order, to evaluate body and upfit options for their stripped chassis to suit individual business applications and task-specific needs.

Durable and Efficient
The F-59 Super Duty commercial stripped chassis is powered by the 6.8-liter, three-valve per cylinder, Triton® V-10 gasoline powered engine, delivering 362 horsepower and 457 ft.-lbs. of torque. This advanced engine features a single overhead camshaft and electronic fuel injection for responsive power and precise fuel metering for enhanced fuel economy. It also meets all applicable 2012 emissions standards.

The Triton V-10 engine is mated to the TorqShift® five-speed automatic overdrive transmission.
Developed specifically for service in tough, commercial truck duty cycles, the TorqShift transmission features a rugged torque converter and large capacity fluid pump for optimized cooling and durability. A fifth-gear overdrive ratio of 0.71 enhances overall vehicle efficiency while use of a low-viscosity transmission fluid helps improve fuel economy.

The TorqShift transmission also features the Ford exclusive tow-haul mode to delay upshifts and help reduce the frequency of “gear hunting” when under extreme loads. This mode also allows engine braking in all forward gears when the transmission selector is in the ‘D” position.
The Dana rear axles feature “lubed for life” synthetic lubrication for reduced maintenance anda 5.38 to 1 final drive ratio for enhanced pulling power.

Rugged and Dependable
The robust F-59 frame is supported by a rugged suspension system, developed to F-Series Super Duty toughness standards, while providing both operator and cargo with a smooth ride. Developed from the successful F-53 motor home platform, the F-59 dramatically expands the Ford portfolio of stripped commercial chassis above 14,500 GVWR.

The monobeam front axle has an 8,000 pound capacity. It’s located by a pair of 63-inch taper-leaf springs and premium gas-pressurized Bilstein® shock absorbers and a sturdy stabilizer bar. The 22,000 GVWR chassis also is equipped with heavy-duty front track bar – unique to Ford –that contributes to enhanced steering, ride and vehicle handling.

F-59 uses a TRW heavy-duty steering gear, large linkage and pitman arms and power assistance with a cooler. The 50-degree wheel cut and 17.5-inch steering wheel provide enhanced agility and maneuverability.

Front and rear four-wheel disc brakes with an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) are standard across the F-59 range. Brakes are power-assisted while ABS features three-sensor, three-channel actuation in 16,000- and 19,500-pound GVWR configurations. The 22,000-pound GVWR offering has four-sensor, four-channel ABS. Both an internal “Park” pawl and a foot-actuated driveline drum brake keep the F-59 firmly in place, when parked.

Rear suspension on the F-59 consists of 64-inch long tapered multi-leaf springs, premium gas-pressurized Bilstein shock absorbers, a robust stabilizer bar and variable rate jounce bumpers.

User-Friendly and Accessible
Low operator step-in and an optimized H-point make for easy ingress and egress. Drivers are provided with a full complement of gauges including speedometer, tachometer, trip odometer, oil pressure, engine hour meter, coolant temperature, fuel and transmission temperature gauges. A message center with outside air temperature, distance to empty and average fuel consumption is also included.

While finalized pricing has not yet been announced, the scale and range of Ford Commercial Truck offerings ensure that F-59 will represent a significant value for buyers in this segment.
For more information regarding Ford's products, please visit www.ford.com.


Auto Crane Introduces Articulating Cranes

Auto Crane Introduces Full Line of Articulating Cranes

Tulsa, Oklahoma—Auto Crane Company (autocrane.com) is pleased to introduce its line of 18 articulating cranes, being developed and manufactured to enhance the company’s existing line of service cranes.

Auto Crane Product Manager Kyle Whiteis praises the company’s unique approach to the
cranes’ design. “The controls on each side of the crane are identical in their positioning,” Whiteis says. “What your right hand controls on the driver’s side of the crane is what it controls on the passenger side. In some other models, hydraulic design dictates that the controls mirror each other, which can create confusion. That’s not the case with these cranes.”

The new articulating cranes have a lift capacity ranging from 31,800 to 332,700 ft/lbs. and are designed for use where space is at a premium, allowing for more flexibility in small spaces. “The geometry of these cranes allows them to be used in more confined environments,” observes Whiteis. “Articulating cranes are very popular overseas, where roads are often more narrow and operating space is limited.”

The articulating cranes are constructed of high-tensile-strength steel—lighter in weight than traditional steel—providing for a lighter, more compact crane, and improving payload capacity of the truck carrying the crane. The cranes come standard with a full two-year warranty, and are designed for a variety of industries: mining, heavy construction, field service, railroad, propane, forestry and refuse. Find out more about Auto Crane products at autocrane.com.

Auto Crane Company, celebrating its 50th year in business in 2008, is a world-class
manufacturer of electric and hydraulic cranes, crane service bodies, and accessories.
Auto Crane markets its products in more than 65 countries, worldwide.


Battery Hauling Roadside Service Body

Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies sent me another interesting body. This one was built for Ken Grody Ford to haul batteries. I am assuming it might be a roadside auto service as I have seen that kind of thing, but have never seen one where all the compartments are vented above and below the lock. It looks quite interesting. Notice that the compartment floor has been reinforced with treadplate to help with the weight.

This unit is Harbor's standard 41" high TradeMaster Service Body with standard Stainless Steel Lids. It looks like it is a 9' single rear wheel body mounted on a 56" CA chassis based on the way the wheel well looks. Thanks to Kimberly for sharing this build!

[If you have built a body that is interesting, I encourage you to send me photos and information about it and I will post it here. Send your photos and info to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com]