Great Use Of SRW Cutaway by Wulff Electric

Ryan & I had an opportunity to talk with Rich Wulff, President of Wulff Electric in Vacaville, CA today. He gave us a tour of his expansive, modern facility. It is large enough that he can park all of his trucks inside at night--and he has quite a number of trucks!

One of his trucks was in the shop area, so I asked if I could take some shots and show it off a bit because it was setup very nicely. He has a fleet of trucks and many of them are this exact model and all are setup the same way in the rear area.

Take a look at the inside of the cab before we get to the back. He has added a center seat with a fold-down wide armrest which makes the interior very useful even when the normal of only one is in there. This is a Chevrolet single rear wheel cutaway van that has been upfitted with a 10' (it is very slightly shorter than this) FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) low height van body from Supreme Corp. The unit has a roll-up rear door offering full width access to the rear area.

I especially love the way the Adrian Steel commercial interior storage system is set up. It has a lot of drawers, a small workbench and shelving along the streetside. This is so nicely done. I love the choices of the pieces they have included. It is very useful. On the curbside, there is some wood framed sections to house two ladders. Note that the ladder slots are angled to make it easy to slide the ladder out. There are two compartments for ladders and space on the side for another as shown. There is space for pipe and other cargo as well. The front bulkhead has been notched slightly to accommodate 10' pipe since the van interior is just shy of that mark. [That's a hint, Supreme. . .]. For the things they don't need as quickly and easily, there is a little bit of storage in the small attic area.

Because the body is made of FRP, it makes it easy to add graphics to the body and it appears that Rich has taken advantage of that in a very tasty way. This is an excellent example of this kind of unit in real life action. Considering the compact size of this truck, I think Rich has done a great job of making it do a lot of work. Rich says that his truck sales guy, Dave Estacio of Hanlees Chevrolet takes extremely good care of him. Thanks Rich for the opportunity to see your facility and to see this great truck!

You can reach Rich and his team at 707-447-3920 and visit their website at www.wulffelectric.com.

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