Battery Hauling Roadside Service Body

Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies sent me another interesting body. This one was built for Ken Grody Ford to haul batteries. I am assuming it might be a roadside auto service as I have seen that kind of thing, but have never seen one where all the compartments are vented above and below the lock. It looks quite interesting. Notice that the compartment floor has been reinforced with treadplate to help with the weight.

This unit is Harbor's standard 41" high TradeMaster Service Body with standard Stainless Steel Lids. It looks like it is a 9' single rear wheel body mounted on a 56" CA chassis based on the way the wheel well looks. Thanks to Kimberly for sharing this build!

[If you have built a body that is interesting, I encourage you to send me photos and information about it and I will post it here. Send your photos and info to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com]

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