SVE MidBox Is A Great Economical Solution

I've written about the SVE MidBox before, but this one is decked out to make it extremely useful. This F150 MidBox has the fiberglass commercial shell with bins on either side and a bed slider to make getting things in and out a breeze. In addition, there is an Inverter so you can have the power you need wherever you are. The great and well-designed ladder rack finishes it off nicely.

The best part is this truck gets a lot of work done in a much lighter and much more fuel efficient package. In addition, the tires, brakes and other maintenance items are quite a bit less. It is lower to the ground, so it is easier to get in and out of. It has a much better ride and handles more like your own pickup.

Sometimes we just get hung up on cost. This package shown is a bit pricey, but what it replaces is more pricey. We think sometimes the value is in more metal. In today's world economy, the value is in less metal. Here is a solution that makes a lot of sense. If it is stocked in this kind of configuration, the customer will see how valuable it can be for them by seeing how many ways they can use it. They have secure storage, power on board, no more crawling into the bed on your knees without knee pads, plus the drawers for tools and things in the MidBox section. It's extremely useful.

The ones I've seen dealers stock were stocked without the shell and accessories. In my opinion, that makes it harder to sell even though it may be less dollars. Let the customer see some real value and usefulness with these great options: the shell with the storage areas, the bed slider and the rack. Maybe you can live without the inverter. Then again. . . how sweet it is to have power at the truck when you need it. It's under $900. When we are always thinking about price, we are forgetting about the value that the accessories really bring. Ofttimes, I have found that the accessories made the sale, otherwise it would have been sitting longer. Make the jump. You'll be glad you did.

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