Croz Custom Metal Fab Great Welder Body

A couple of days ago at a Chamber of Commerce morning mixer in Vacaville, CA, I had the opportunity to photograph the welder body of Don Crossley, owner/operator or Croz Custom Metal Fabrication.

What an interesting body. I just kept taking pictures because there was so much to see. Don has modified a custom welder body to the hilt. Look at the photo above with the electrical outlets on the back of the compartment. Inside that box is a 3,000 watt inverter, another photo shows an emergency cutoff switch under the dash in case of an issue with the inverter. Of course many of the standard welding items are aboard and Don does many different types of welding and so has a lot of items he carries to do what he needs when he needs to do it.

One photo shows a folded, large umbrella he stores behind the cab and there is a mounting bracket in the middle of the bed so that he can open the umbrella and it extends out over the rear work area to keep his work area cool when he is outside working on a job in the sun. How fascinating. Notice the custom rear bumper that he made out of a running board from an SUV. And, we can't miss the crane in the center of the bed.

I think Don could go out on a job in the middle of the wilderness and be out there a couple of weeks and he would have everything he might need to do all the work! If it isn't on this truck, he doesn't need it. Our thanks go to Don for sharing this great truck with us. You can call Don at 707-580-4727.


Unknown said...

yep! nice rig! as far back as i dare remember, don has always had a "tight vehicle". right back to the awesome blue chevelle he used to drive in high school. later, phil

Unknown said...

Great rig....
Nothing less than I expected

Southeast Fabricatorsq said...

That's a pretty serious truck there. I wish we had something like that at SoutheastFab.com.