More Carter Industries Contractor Leadership

The last post talked about Carter Industries innovation in Contractor Body design. This post will add to that legacy. Carter came out with a whole new design for the upper bed box for the Contractor body. On a typical 12' Contractor, everyone else had an 8' upper bed box with open top lids and two fold-down style doors. They were about 15" to 16" deep typically and similar height. They were nice, but then Carter hit the market with the white steel tall boxes shown above with matching underbed boxes. These boxes instead of being 8' long, were slightly shorter and much taller. This design allowed for better storage solutions for the type of cargo the end users who bought these needed. In addition, Carter added 2 slide out drawers in one set of boxes and shelves in the other side. It was an instant hit.

One of the most interesting things is that Carter hit the market with this new innovative product and sold it for the same price as their previous model. While others raised their prices, Carter maintained and scooped up more market share. I think they would have done just fine even charging a premium for this body since it was so fresh and interesting.

This unit also came with a long compartment at the back end that some call a shovel door. I do not know what it is used for, but shovels would be a challenge. I don't really see the value of it, but some people seem to like the fact it is there.

There was one drawback to the new boxes. They were very heavy. It is not a one hand operation. So after a couple of years or so, Carter comes out with another change by offering the boxes in aluminum treadbrite. They are about the same size and have the same features except the doors are very light and visually they are much more interesting.

Other companies began following with their own larger boxes after Carter made such a hit with the new steel boxes. Nobody did a box quite like Carters. Most made similar boxes to the ones they made before, except made them larger and added a drawer or two. All this became standard equipment in a new offering from the competitors. Again, Carter led with innovation and created an industry standard.

For the full line of products from Carter Industries, go to www.carterind.com.

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