Vanair V3 Multi-Drive System - 3 In One Solution

The Vanair V3 Multi-Drive System combines Vanair's patented Genair (R) system, which consists of a 125 to 185 CFM air compressor and a 7,200 to 11,600 watt AC generator with a hydraulic pump provision in a single integrated unit. Totally contained under the deck within the truck's rails, the V3 replaces the need for separate engine driven air compressors, generators, power inverters, or separate hydraulic pumps. This breakthrough technology provides access to air, ac power and hydraulics through a single PTO opening and is available with the Vanguard Lifetime Warranty on the air end.

Vanair is recognized as the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators and multi-drive systems. As the pioneer of Power-Take-Off (PTO) technology, they continue to be industry leaders in product innovation and custom solution. Vanair offers the most extensive product line in the industry that serves a global market in a wide range of industries and applications.

For more information, contact Vanair at 800-526-8817 or visit their comprehensive website at www.vanair.com.

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