Battery Electric Ford Transit Connect By Smith Electric

Battery Electric Ford Transit Connect From Smith Electric Vehicles

Cutting Edge Design With The Heart Of An Environmentalist.

This Could Be The Perfect Urban Delivery Vehicle.

Smith Electric Vehicles has teamed with the best and the brightest at Ford to create an urban delivery vehicle unlike anything you've ever seen before. With payloads up to 1,600 pounds and a top speed of 70 mph, this amazing new urban vehicle can go up to 100 miles on a single charge of its all-electric power system. 0% emissions. 0% noise. 100% smart business move. Plus, the all electric-powered vehicle requires no shifting and is faster from zero to 30 than its traditionally-powered equivalent. The all-electric motor and drive train have been proven reliable in the cities of Europe for years. And now this electric power comes in a new generation of cutting edge design that brings new levels of functionality to light-duty urban vans. This new van could do wonders for your business's efficiency AND its image.

The all-electric Ford Transit Connect (BEV) is perfectly engineered for the unique demands of light-duty urban tasks. Highly maneuverable, quick and easy-to-rive, your drivers will absolutely love taking this van out on the streets. Plus the Transit Connects thoughtful design makes it highly desirable for a host of application with need for frequent stops and lots of in and out access to the vehicle.

Applications include:

  • Home shopping
  • Parcel delivery
  • Utilities
  • Airport operations
  • Public sector
  • Facilities management
  • Service engineers
  • Building trades
  • Catering

Lower costs as well as emissions

The Transit Connect improves the environment AND your bottom line. In addition to the substantial reduction in fuel costs (currently 75% less than diesel), the Transit Connect substantially lowers maintenance costs throughout the life of the vehicle.

Better for the environment and for performance

The constant stopping and starting of urban delivery brings out the worst in diesel performance. Loud, dirty and inefficient. But the Transit Connect totally eliminates all these negatives and outperforms it as well.

No noise, no gear changes, no cab vibrations and quicker acceleration give your drivers a stress-free experience that will make them happy to become urban environmentalists.

For more information, email Mark Aubry at mark.aubry@sev-us.com, or call 602-814-6793. Also visit the Smith Electric website at www.sev-us.com.

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