CM Truck Beds - Great Display, Great Selection

This was one of the best displays that I saw at the NTEA Work Truck Show. It was so interesting how CM Truck Beds got so many bodies to show off in a relatively small space. As you can see in the photos, they did that without having a truck attached to them. I think they did an outstanding job of displaying these trucks and even having them have the appearance of being on a chassis with the lights lighted, polished up and sweet looking. Great job CM!

They also make some great trailering bodies and have several standard models to give each owner something that is right for them. I think my favorite is the TM model which has a lot of storage and looks a little like a very modern service body. I love the aluminum flatbed at the top of the photo array.

This company also manufactures a wide selection of trailers. In addition, they have some very nice websites. Check out the truck bodies at www.cmtruckbeds.com. You can catch a link to their trailer site or go to www.cmtrailers.com.

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