Prospecting Tools Can Be A Big Help

This is a prospecting tool developed by Bill Stephenson at Ron DuPratt Ford in Dixon, CA. I love this tool. He got some cups with the dealership name, slogan, phone numbers and logo. By the way, I love this cup. It is a great size--not too big, and not too small. It is ceramic and inexpensive, yet of all the cups in my cupboard, I choose this one first.

Bill fills the cup with some small candies and has his wife help with wrapping them in some clear cellophane with a nice little bow, then they are stored ready to go out with him when he is out prospecting or just calling on some businesses. It is a great attention getter and a wonderful leave behind gift. It may turn out to be their favorite cup as well. You never know.

Who can resist a friendly face bearing gifts? It is the perfect introduction piece. You might also try notepads. When I was at Harbor Truck Bodies, our customers favorite of the things we gave out was the sticky note pads (4"x6" roughly) that had the Harbor logo on top and phone on the bottom, but 90% of the pad was blank. They were a hit year in and year out.

Another one our customers loved was the mouse pad with the current year calendar on it. They couldn't hardly wait for the next years mouse pad. Ink pens are always a good one, if the ink pen is worthy of use. You go too cheap here and it will be a total waste of money because they won't use it. A few cents more per pen for quality will make the difference.

There are hundreds of things you can use and you will find what works better than others, yet all of these things can be a great way to help keep your name in front of the customer, and used as prospecting tools can help you earn some new customers!

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