PAR 36 LED Work Lights by SoundOff Signal

New LED Work Lights

PAR 36 LED Work Lights 500 and 1000 Lumen


  • Announcing our new 500 and 1000 Lumen LED Work Lights that are built for the most demanding work environments including material handling, construction, agricultural, forestry, mining and other off road equipment applications.
  • Lights are proudly Made in the USA with quality and expertise you can rely on. SoundOff is a leader in LED lighting to the law enforcement, truck & bus markets.
  • Long-lasting life of 30,000+ hours - no more broken bulbs and long lasting, reliable light output to illuminate your work areas and equipment.
  • Mounting Bracket is made from a stainless steel and can be tilted forward or back 180 degrees to angle the light where you need it.
  • Waterproof o-ring sealed design with a rugged die cast metal housing protects the LEDs from lust, vibration and moisture even in the toughest work environments.
  • Featuring exclusive premium optics that boost the LED power in Spot, Flood or Trapezoid illumination patterns.
  • Color Temperature is 5700 k, a natural white color.
  • 500 Lumen light has 3 bright, white Generation3 LEDs and the 1000 Lumen light is built with 6 LEDs.
  • Input voltage range of 10-60 Vdc for world wide use.
  • Low amp draw won't burden your vehicle's electrical systems:
  • 500 Lumen light: 1.3 amps @ 12.8 Vdc, 0.6 amps @ 25.6 Vdc or 0.3 amps @ 51.2 Vdc
  • 1000 Lumen light: 3.0 amps @ 12.8 Vdc, 0.9 amps @ 25.6 Vdc or 0.4 amps @ 51.2 Vdc

SoundOff Signal is an employee owned company. Check out their full line of light products at www.soundoffsignal.com.

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