Deweze Bailbed and Spear Bed

400-500 Series Balebeds

► 500 Series fits new wider trucks and bed is a full 8' wide
► Hydraulic system with coupler at rear of the bed
► Bed sizes to fit any single or dually pickup from 7' to 11.5' long
► Power up/power down lifting linkage
► Parallel squeeze arms
► Wireless remote control Zero-leak poppet type valve system
► Six-inch bed frame stringers on the 500 Series

DewEze Flatbeds have proven their durability and trouble free performance in livestock operations across the United States. Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season. It�s hard to find such reliability in anything but a DewEze!

400-500 Series Balebeds

First, with the remote control, use the unload function to lower the arms, and then the in function to squeeze the bale. After securing, use the load function to bring the bale on top of the bed, and use the out function to release the bale. For a second bale, repeat process and push the first bale forward. Reverse procedurefor unloading, all this from the comfort of your pickup seat.

The Spear Bed

The DewEze Spear Bed was designed to be the best Spear Bed you can buy with the style and durability you have come to expect from a DewEze product. The quality features of this bed have a fit and finish that will complement any truck, from that older reliable farm truck, to any current model.

DewEze beds and other products are made by Harper Industries, Inc. of Harper, Kansas. You can reach them at 800-835-1042 and visit their website at www.deweze.com.

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