Roller Coaster 2000-XT Slide-Out Cargo Tray

Highway Products has such a great selection of fine quality truck accessories and bodies. Here is the Roller Coaster(TM) 2000-XT truck slide-out cargo tray.

Before I tell you details about this fine product, let's talk about its usefulness. You pickup and service body owners know full well what a pain it is trying to get things out of your bed up by the cab and especially with a shell or cargo bed enclosure. It's just frustrating. This unit solves that issue. Now you can get anything out of the bed so easily. Notice how far it slides out in the photo above. Notice also the heavy duty sealed ball bearings and how that makes moving the load in your whole bed area a snap. Then, trying to lift something out when you're up in the bed is also harder. Save your back and your stress and get a Roller Coaster(TM).

One more thing: You out there who sell service bodies and especially those with cargo bed enclosures really need to brush up on this product and show it to your clients. It's an easy sell. Put one in stock and see what I mean!

The Roller Coaster(TM) 2000-XT is a heavy-duty, all aluminum slide-out cargo tray that is rated to handle up to 2,000 lbs evenly distributed. It's been tested with 3,680 lbs. They use no plywood in the Roller Coaster(TM). The cargo tray is 1/8" thick, heavy gauge, marine grade aluminum. The tray glides on sealed roller bearings on our galvanized steel Tee-Bone(TM) track system. Safety locks every 10 inches slam into position with the dual Stab Lock(TM) locking mechanism.

Check out this and a long list of fine products from Highway Products at their website: www.highwayproducts.com, or www.800toolbox.com. You can call them at 1-800-866-5269. If you would like to be a dealer for their products, contact my friend, Jim Lenford, Sales Manager for Highway Products at 1-800-866-5269 or email him at lenford.jim@800toolbox.com. Tell him Terry sent you!

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