14' Service Body on Chevy W-Series

I was driving down Redwood Street in Vallejo recently and this truck caught my eye. I just had to stop and talk to the owner. It is rare to see a 14' Service Body and also rare enough with a Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure.

You can see from the side shots how much storage space there is, let alone all the space under that Cargo Bed Enclosure. And, of course, with that many doors, you would just have to have the Master Lock System which this has seeing the u-shaped bar on the rear. This truck is mounted on the Chevy W-Series made by Isuzu and only has a 133" wheelbase with a 108" CA, so even though it is long, it turns like a regular cab pickup truck. The body was made by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA.

What's really cool about these shots is that they demonstrate one of the best values of the tilt cab truck: 14' body on a 133" wheelbase. The average regular cab pickup has a wheelbase of 133-135". This will even turn slightly sharper than that because of the front axle design and geometry. You can put a somewhat larger body in about the same footprint as a pickup. That is a huge story!

These shots were with permission from the owner. Their company is Design Build Specialists in Novato, CA. He said he likes his truck a lot and it does a great job for him.

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