Tradepack Gets Business Flowing For Fluid H20

After operating out of an impractical Mitsubishi Triton for several years, Sydney plumbing company, Fluid H2O, has upgraded to an Isuzu NPR 200 Premium and business is booming.

Company owner, Matthew Lemon, said he opted for an Isuzu because he required a reliable truck that could easily handle the operations of the business, including a 24-hour emergency plumbing service.

"Isuzu’s reliability is exceptional," Mr Lemon said. "I have friends in the plumbing business who own Isuzu trucks. They recommended Isuzu to me because they have had no trouble with their trucks.

"It’s been a great move for us to go to a truck that can actually handle our application. It makes our job a lot easier."

Mr Lemon says the NPR 200 provides more than enough power for his commercial use and its exterior styling is well matched to his business’ professional image.

"They are a lot more attractive and look much better finished off than Isuzu’s competitors," Mr Lemon said.

"We need to look professional on the road and the truck portrays this very well. Also, having a lot of gear on board allows us to complete a job on the same day."

The NPR 200 Tradepack ‘Premium’ upgrade with automated manual transmission (AMT) was also a major selling point for Mr Lemon.

"I don’t like driving manual vehicles, so one of the things that stood out on the NPR 200 Premium Tradepack was the AMT,” Mr Lemon said.

"I also really like the cruise control feature in this model."

The NPR 200’s modifications and custom paint job were designed by Mr Lemon, who contracted Pacific Body Works to build the service body. After almost eight months of fabrication work, Mr Lemon finally has his masterpiece on the road.

"The NPR 200 was originally a Tradepack model, but I removed the back to apply my own custom body and paint job," Mr Lemon said.

"It’s a great vehicle. The performance has been fantastic, it hasn’t missed a beat. I’m really happy with the Isuzu product."

Fluid H2O was so pleased with its Isuzu NPR 200 that it recently purchased a second Isuzu model – an NPR 400 Long. This vehicle is currently undergoing modifications to suit Fluid H2O’s new requirements.

"The NPR 400 Long is going to look very impressive; it will be white with Fluid H2O’s company colours and chrome rims. It has been fitted with a compressor on the side of the chassis and a diesel jet motor," Mr Lemon said.

"The new truck will be mainly used for high pressure water jetting and clearing out drains. It will particularly be used for the new Fluid H2O service - sewer relining - in which we use a new German technology.

"Instead of excavating a sewer we can reline it, which is fantastic because many people in Sydney’s eastern suburbs don’t want to dig up their driveways, granny flats, gardens or streets. We actually invert a liner through the sewer which gives our customers a lifetime guarantee."

Both N Series trucks included three year warranties and roadside assistance. The NPR 200 was purchased from NSW Isuzu Dealer, Gilbert and Roach Huntingwood, which is responsible for all of the truck’s servicing.

"Some of my friends who work in the building and plumbing trades have since purchased Isuzu trucks and have applied the same body as me," Mr Lemon said.

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