Six millionth Ford Transit and 45 Years Strong


Since its launch in 1965 more than six million Transits have been built at 22 factories across the world.

Transit is made in Southampton, with engines from Dagenham and transmissions from Merseyside.

More than 2.1 million Transits have been sold in Britain: Britain's best seller
with more than 23,000 sold in first half of 2010.

BRENTWOOD, Essex, 27 July, 2010 – Ford's iconic Transit has a significant birthday next month, celebrating 45 years of success. The Ford Transit, the pioneer of the ubiquitous white van, has led the UK market ever since the year that Jim Clark won the Indianapolis 500 and F1 World Championship, Tom and Jerry and Thunderbirds made their TV debuts, the Sound of Music movie was released and Mary Quant invented the mini skirt.

At launch, the cheapest Transit, a short wheelbase, petrol-engined van with 610kg payload, cost £542. The most expensive Transit was a 15-seat Custom bus which cost £997. From 78 derivatives in 1965, there are now more than 600 Transit entities, providing a range of dedicated commercial vehicles to ensure there is a model for every job required.

Today's Transit continues to represent great value. A special edition "Sapphire" went into production at the Southampton Plant this year to mark 45 years of success. The Sapphire develops more power and torque, has longer service intervals yet costs just £295 more than the last celebration model in 2005, the Transit "Hallmark".

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