Different Knapheide Stakebed - Very Nice!

While looking at some of my NTEA Work Truck Show photos, I remembered this Knapheide Flatbed. This is a great looking flatbed. What I think is interesting is the gates. It is rather like a Landscape body, yet they normally have solid gates. This one has expanded metal, or in this case "punched" metal for the top two thirds of the gate, and that is very different. I don't recall ever seeing one quite like this. In addition, it has the swing away rear gates, smooth steel floor and rear storage compartment. By the way, what in the heck do you put in that compartment? It is 12' long and only a few inches high. PVC pipe?

I like this body and would absolutely stock it. It would be a good one for Knapheide to promote on their website! See other great Knapheide bodies at www.knapheide.com.

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