Beautiful Service Body Is Eye Candy!

This is one of the nicest looking service bodies I have ever seen. I absolutely love it! Here's what I noticed about this:

  • Notice the 8' or 9' SRW body here with split lids. It really pumps up the look and they are not even covered with diamond plate, etc. Very clean looking.
  • It is a low pro version so the top of the lids is near the bottom of the rear window.
  • A rack can easily be added, yet this body looks so good as it is.
  • The little rounded end work shelf at the rear is very tasty and effective.
  • Notice how the rear bumper is not quite as wide as the body and it looks like it is sculpted into the body. It just flows like a work of art and flows especially with the shelf above it.

Who says work trucks have to be so square. This great example of beauty in a service body is by Certified Truck Bodies & Equipment in Santa Fe Springs, CA. You can reach them at 562-777-9855 or visit their website at www.certifiedtruckbodies.com.

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