More Eye Candy From Certified Truck Bodies

While admiring the service body from Certified Truck Bodies & Equipment in Santa Fe Springs, CA, I couldn't pass up pointing out a couple of their beautiful and extremely useful Contractor Bodies.

It is rare to see a contractor body without a rack, yet the photo at the top is a great design for a contractor body with or without a rack. I love the tall front compartment and the way it is mounted is a bit more costly probably, but keeps the overall height relatively low, yet it is a large compartment and that increases its usefulness. It is a thing of beauty the way they have blended that compartment with a fender skirt and a rear compartment. It just flows so nicely and looks great. Even the way the rear compartment is set back ever so slightly, adds to the beauty of this design.

Then when we get around to the rear, the bumper and rear end design is absolutely gorgeous. Notice the rounded corners and the rounded end. The taillamps are nicely tucked in there so it all flows. Think also of the useful space in the compartments and on the top of the bed. To make this even better, I might try to angle that front box just enough toward the cab to give the front end of the body a bit more appeal.

Now for the next photo below. This is an awesome workhorse of a body! The dual raised front compartments just rock! Add to that the wheel fender skirt and rear box while adding another upper bed box behind the two raised compartments. This has a nice rack with some J hooks and lighting. Just think of all the things that could be carried in and on this truck. Make sure and get a HD chassis to handle all that stuff.

See more great bodies from Certified on their website at www.certifiedtruckbodies.com. Or, you can call them at 562-777-9855.

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