The Pickup Bed Hoist Can Be Very Useful

Now it's a pickup. . . now it's a dump truck! Well, a very light duty dump truck to be sure, yet it is a very handy item. For the handyman or the farm or ranch or even light landscaping, the pickup hoist can be a very useful solution. The way these are mounted, no one knows it dumps until you crank up the hoist.

The units pictured are outfitted with Venco Pickup Hoists from Venco/Venturo, who builds a wide variety of hoists as well being a major crane manufacturer. This hoist has a 45 degree dump angle, so it is very effective at getting the last little bit of product out of the bed. These are electric hoists that operate off the truck battery.

I love finding different solutions for buyers. This is a great solution for a wide variety of applications.

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