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Manufactured from a mixture of fabric, steel, carbon black and rubber, tyres are extremely durable, but if not disposed of correctly, can also be hazardous to the environment.

To ensure tyres are disposed of in a more environmentally conscious way, Ipswich-based family business, S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals, has been operating a waste tyre collection service since 1991.

The S & J business’ team consists of Steve Hayes, his wife Jenny and son Joshua, along with ten professional drivers and an administration worker.

Since the business was established, S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals has remained focused on tyre collection.

“We are proud to proclaim that the environment has always been our number one priority when running our business,” Mr Hayes said.

S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals has been a loyal Isuzu customer for the past ten years.

“We started with one truck in 1991, now 24 years on we have 10 Isuzu trucks. The oldest truck we have on the fleet was purchased 10 years ago and the most recent is only a couple of months old,” Mr Hayes said.

“The oldest truck is an FVR that is still going very strong. We also have NPRs, FVDs, FVMs and the latest acquisition consisted of two FXLs.

“All of our Isuzu trucks are heavy rigid models. Most have two rear axles and also tow trailers.

“Our Isuzus have been designed so that we are able to tow additional trailers while only requiring a heavy rigid license. We can tow up to nine tons in our rear trailers.”

Today the business services all parts of Queensland and its New South Wales operations cover all areas from the Queensland border, south to Grafton and west to Tenterfield, with each of its Isuzu trucks running their own designated route.

The territory currently serviced by S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals’ tyre collection operations covers approximately 2,100,000 square kilometres.

According to Mr Hayes, there were several factors that drew S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals to Isuzu trucks and assisted in forming a close partnership with Brisbane Isuzu.

“Price was the first point. Isuzu offers value for money. Isuzu also provides a fantastic after sales service. We always use the night shift at the Queensland dealerships for repairs and servicing as it means less down time for our fleet,” he said.

“When we were searching for new trucks for our fleet, we looked at what each manufacturer had on offer. We didn’t want a truck with AdBlue as this brings the additional inconvenience and cost of sourcing the additive, and Isuzu trucks don’t use AdBlue.

“If you want quality, reliability and backup service, buy Isuzu.”

With the increased focus on recycling, the need for the business’ services has increased in recent years.

Transporting a large amount of scrap tyres, Mr Hayes and his team require trucks that can offer plenty of power to tow the trailers and handle the load.

“Being a supplier to a Queensland leading tyre recycler, Chip Tyre Pty Ltd, we are required to distribute the tyre stock regularly and on time to meet the recycler’s daily needs,” Mr Hayes said.

“We service a range of different customers, from the ‘mum and dad franchisees’ to local councils and national tyre chains, such as the Beaurepaires Group.

“We have some long standing relationships with customers, some up to 20 years. We build these relationships by offering a competitive price, attention to detail and by providing a top service.”

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