Reading Truck Body Launches the New Reading Ready Van SL

Introducing the Next Generation of Service Vans
Reading, PA (March 20, 2013) - Reading Truck Body, LLC, a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality service truck equipment, launches the all-new Reading Ready Van SL, a cutting-edge service van offering ample, enclosed interior work space and secure, convenient outside compartments.
The Reading Ready Van SL comes equipped with many brand new features that provide extra safety, durability, convenience and efficiency in addition to Readings premium standard features.  Boasting an industry leading 6-Year limited warranty on the body and lifetime warranty on key cylinders, the Ready Van SL also includes:
Organization & Storage

  • Bulkhead Shelf offers additional storage for smaller, more frequently used items that require limitation of movement and no fall-out
  • Vertical Shelf Attachment Strips shelving bracket is on 4 centers and offers more adjustability of shelving network for the end-user
  • Galvanized Shelves/Trays corrosion resistant shelving that is height adjustable with 2 slot tab dividers on shelves for 50% more divisional space than the competition
  • Top Compartment Shelf full-length compartment top storage area has a 2 high retainer to prevent tool and product fall-out
  • Clear Load Space Design unobstructed load space provides clear width of 48.5 without the presence of a wheelhouse box and a low ground to threshold height
  • 17.5 Deep Compartments offer greater storage capacity and versatility
  • Dual Drop Down Conduit Pipe Doors more protective and versatile storage for longer items and does not cover stop, tail and turn lighting when in drop-down open position
Structure & Finish
  • Galvannealed Construction A60 coated weight steel, all galvannealed construction which offers superior corrosion protection
  • Tapered Smooth Side Wall Upper Structure provides maximum side-to-side clearance, improved aerodynamic efficiency and a smooth surface for graphics
  • Seamless Wheelhouse Panel provides a seamless appearance that also prevents corrosive build-up that can rust the product from the inside out
  • Galvannealed Steel Pooched Step Bumper Pooched slip and corrosion-resistant surface with 45 degree corners; e-coated and powder coated for durability
  • Full Width 9" Steel Bulkhead Set-back offers full seat travel for the O.E.M. Cutaway Chassis on both driver and passenger side
  • Rivetless Stainless Steel Handle Pans clean appearance that is tamper resistant and includes a perimeter gasket behind the pan assembly to prevent water intrusion
  • Top Coat Finish, Inside & Out Reading paints all areas of the service body, including the interior load space and inside the exterior cabinet compartments
  • Readings Polyester Powder Coat Finish no VOCs, reclaimable and much more durable and abrasion-resistant finish compared to wet spray enamels
Doors & Hinges
  • Solid Sliding Bulkhead Door with J Glide Track door slides on co-polymer 'J' track assembly rather than floor track assembly which can harbor debris and make operation difficult; windowless for enhanced security
  • Solid, Windowless Rear Doors offers a large, unobstructed area for company graphics with a higher level of security and confidence for tools and equipment inside the load space
  • Integral Rain Gutter Over Rear Doors Rain Gutter moves water east or west of door opening instead of a drip edge that allows water to sheet down across the opening
  • Readings Rod & Bearing Block Hinge hinge assembly is mechanically attached for cleaner appearance, ease of repair and corrosion resistance
  • 18ga Double Panel Compartment Doors heavier gauge than the competition with solid hat section reinforcements to eliminate panel deflection
  • Spring Loaded Door Stays: Vertical Side Compartments Door Stay operates with over-center design in geometry for ease of closure and staying open
  • Readings Dual-Pro Door Seal System includes a quality door seal and a mechanical seal which provide a secondary defense against water intrusion
  • Adjustable Door Striker 4-way adjustable with ribbed Allen bit head, tri-chromate washer and threaded pressure block for positive adjustment
Lights, Locks & Electronics

  • (2) Dome Lights with Disc Rocker roof mounted lights mechanically secured to roof for reliable operation; Disc Rocker switch operates smoothly and resists damage
  • Tail Light Guards lighting guards inside the rear compartments that are ported for serviceability while offering protection from theft and damage
  • L.E.D. Stop, Tail, Turn Signals and Clearance Lighting rubber isolated for vibration resistance, cooler burning, brighter and longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs
  • 12 Stage Electro-Cathodic Immersion Process removes human error associated with a manual application and provides 100% coverage
  • Rotary Paddle Latch Assembly stainless steel latch is 'free wheeling' when cylinder is locked which prevents lock failure should it be tampered with
  • Double Bitted Key Cylinder includes a rubber 'O' ring behind the high-quality cylinder to prevent water blow-in through the lock assembly
For more information on the Reading Ready Van SL please visit www.ReadingBody.com.
About The Reading Group, LLC
The Reading Group was originally founded as Reading Body Works in 1955. The Reading Group owns Reading Truck Body, LLC, which has a manufacturing plant in Reading, PA with additional company-owned installation facilities operating as Reading Equipment & Distribution, LLC. Reading Equipment & Distribution specializes in dealer sales, custom product sales, and installations, with a large focus on utility applications and alternative fuel conversions.
For more information on Reading Truck Body, LLC and its products please visit www.ReadingBody.com.

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