Isuzu Reliability a Measure of Success

If only StarTrack contractor Peter Lloyd had a dollar for every kilometre he’d clocked up in his Isuzu FVD 950…

Despite having recently ticked over a staggering 1.7 million kilometres, Mr Lloyd says the 11 year old unit still runs like a dream.

Lloyd has been in operation for over 30 years, with his trucks spending countless hours traveling the vast expanses of Western Australia for freight and logistics giant StarTrack.

A typical job consists of a gruelling 850km daily run, and it’s one his trucks complete five days a week, every week.

From the birth of his business, Mr Lloyd has been an Isuzu customer and he can only ever recall one break-down which was easily fixed.

But he reckons, in over three decades of constant operation, that’s a pretty decent record.
“I started out in 1982 with an Isuzu JCR 500 that I had for 13 years, and it clocked over 3 million kilometres,” Mr Lloyd said.

“We’ve only ever had a few minor issues and, in the long run, this has saved me plenty of money.
“Also, even after driving so far in the Isuzus, they’re still super comfortable to drive, which is very important, especially considering the length of time spent on-board.”

Mr Lloyd said the secret to racking up the enormous numbers is regular Isuzu servicing and the use of genuine parts.

“I always service my trucks regularly. That’s very important. And I have always used quality parts and oils,” Mr Lloyd said.

“I’ve put a lot of trust in the Isuzu reliability, and that has been important for me staying in the business so long.”

Also included in his present fleet is a later model Isuzu FVD 1000, which he’s owned for one year.
Mr Lloyd estimates he has owned more than 20 trucks during his time in business.

But the decision to stick with Isuzu extends beyond issues of quality and reliability. He also highlighted a 30-plus year, mutually beneficial relationship with Major Motors in Perth.

“There’s two reasons why I stick with Isuzu. One is the reliability of their trucks, and the other is Major Motors,” Mr Lloyd said.

“They’ve always been accommodating, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

“Their parts and servicing team is always first-rate and they’ve helped my business become what it is today.”

Mr Lloyd said that even after so long in business, he still enjoys being involved with trucks, and in particular, with his well-travelled Isuzu fleet.

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