Specialized Body For Racing By Harbor Truck Bodies

At first glance, one might think that they are looking at two deck chairs perched on the rear! But it's an example of a specialized body that can be built for customer requirements. The "chairs" are actually "racks" provided for carrying race truck tires. 

This is a body built as a Race Truck. The welded racks are custom fabricated from bent steel tubing. The Harbor Service Body has the last 2' compartment deleted and a 3' floor level platform added. The platform has an underside locked storage compartment accessed on either side. This configuration provides for access between the two racks in the cargo area. The cargo area is backed up with a "drop-in" type tailgate.

Altogether, this unit mounted on a crew cab chassis, provides plenty of room for the crew and storage for tools, parts and equipment! 

If you have a particular need for a custom body, give Harbor Truck Bodies a call 
at 800-433-9452.  Also find us at http://htbi.net/

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