PALFINGER North America introduces 7 NEW Crane Models to North American Market

For PALFINGER, “Making you more successful” is a motto which is all about innovative and attractively priced lifting, loading and handling solutions that reliably accompany the user throughout the entire product life cycle.

Seven new crane models were recently introduced to the North American market and it goes without saying that the features that customers and dealers assessed as being very important, such as more lifting power with the same weight, maintenance free boom systems can be found in these new models.

The PK 19502 is impressive due to its flexible use and high cost efficiency. With a lifting capacity of 13,440 lbs. (6100 kg), the PK 19502 can be equipped with up to 6 hydraulic extensions with a maximum hydraulic outreach of 56’ 1” (17.1 m). Its compact transport dimensions, together with a low dead weight, make the PK 19502 a sought-after helpmate in many sectors. Experienced operators appreciate its large stabilizer width and optimized design concept.

The PK 22002-EH combines functionality, comfort and safety in time-tested PALFINGER technology. Its design has function and its motion geometry expands the horizon of possible uses. Equipped with a double telescope stabilizer system and a generous stabilizer width of 24’ 3” (7.4 m), the PK 22002-EH also boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 13,440 lbs. (6100 kg).

The expenditure for servicing these two new models is considerably less due to the maintenance-free boom system. The use of sliding elements made from special synthetic materials, combined with PALFINGER’s time-tested KTL Cathodic Dip Painting means that the operator no longer needs to service the boom system.

The long awaited first models from the 30 meter tonne class of the trendsetting “High Performance” crane series have now come to North America! The new PK 30002 and PK 33002-EH High Performance cranes are marked by their perfect ratio of dead weight to lifting capacity. Thanks to the Power Link linkage system, operators can enjoy a uniform lifting capacity over their entire work area. The knuckle boom, which is capable of tilting upwards 15 degrees (Power Link Plus), enables maximum movement geometry and also tremendously broadens the type of work the crane can do.

The appeal of the PK 30002 lies in its flexible work range and high cost-effectiveness. Furnished with Power Link Plus, the crane demonstrates that it not only tackles tough tasks, but that it also overcomes difficult jobs too! The PK 30002 has a maximum lifting capacity of 22,050 lbs. (10,000 kg) and hydraulic reach up to 69’ 11” (21.3 m).

The PK 33002-EH with its well-proven E-HPLS technology, combines power, comfort and safety in exemplary fashion. With E-HPLS, the crane speed can be reduced and the lifting capacity increased at the same time. In addition, the electronic regulation of the high-end control valve allows for optimal multi-controllability. That means several crane functions can be operated simultaneously. With the maintenance-free boom system, the crane couldn’t be better prepared for a long and carefree life. The maximum lifting capacity of the PK 33002-EH is 22,050 lbs (10,000 kg) and hydraulic reach is 69’ 11” (21.3 m).

The first ‘-SH’ series crane has made its way to North America! The PK 34002-SH was first introduced to the North American market at the 2011 ConExpo show in Las Vegas in March. The ‘-SH’ crane represents a completely new crane concept – with perfect synergy between lightweight construction, power, maneuverability, ease of maintenance and controllability. The control concept is a complete and comprehensive new system that guarantees maximum safety, comfort and functionality that’s to the perfect interaction between electronics and hydraulics. PALFINGER has concentrated all its loading crane technology in the PK 34002-SH. Equipped with a continuous slewing system, maintenance-free boom system, functional design elements and Power Link Plus, this new model reaches heights of 69’ 11” (21.3 m) with a maximum lifting capacity of 22,050 lbs (10,000 kg).

PALFINGER is also excited to introduce the new PK 37002 and PK 46002 High Performance cranes. These new Top-Seat controlled cranes are the non-radio remote versions of the presently offered PK 40002-EH and PK 50002-EH cranes. The PK 37002 and PK 46002 High Performance cranes offer approximately 12% increase in lifting capacity over the predecessor models with many new features that include LED warning lights on the stabilizer cylinders, tiltable stabilizer plates that adjust for optimal ground contact and maintenance free boom systems.

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