What Is Your Back Worth?

If you've ever experienced back pain and other back related issues, you instantly know just how valuable your back is to your mobility. Here's a couple of back savers: The SpitzLift Aluminum Crane mounted inside the Knapheide KUV body which lifts 900 lbs and can be mounted on any body almost anywhere to help you get those loads that should not be lifted with your back on to and off of your truck. The other is a Tommy Gate Liftgate mounted on a service body. Whether it is something very heavy or just more than you need to lift, either of these products can be a back saver.

Save your back. Retrofit your old truck now with one of these great tools, and insure that your new truck gets the right back savers installed. There are many other back saving tools as well like roll-out drawers, side steps and much more.

This post is courtesy of California Work Trucks in Union City, CA. Give them a call at 510-477-8425 and they will help you get the best features to keep you and your back healthy. See their website at www.calworktrucks.com

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