New UD Condor Offers Economy & Comfort

A Queensland furniture delivery contractor is one of the first converts to the comfort of UD Trucks' new Condor medium duty range, with early economy figures putting the vehicle in a league of its own.

For the husband and wife team of Ian and Sheree Jones, the new Condor series from UD Trucks could not come quickly enough. The pair were one of the first to order a new MK 11 250, and they haven't been disappointed by their new acquisition.

While Ian has been working in the transport industry for the last 20 years, Sheree became involved eight years ago, with the pair over time sampling a wide variety of trucks. Through this experience, Ian has found the UD to be the perfect truck for his harsh operating environment.

Running furniture delivery routes for Super Amart out of Toowoomba, Ian explains that economy of the new truck is just the tip of the iceberg, with outstanding occupant comfort also one of the leading qualities of the truck.

"It's a brilliant truck, I couldn't fault it," Ian Jones said.

"It's great to drive, one of the best trucks I've ever owned. It's impressive to the point I've been recommending the truck to the other drivers who also sub-contract to the company we work for.

"The ride is fantastic, it's the equal of or better than the European trucks I've owned, and it's very economical. We're getting close to 5km/L on diesel, and the AdBlue hasn't been a problem, we're seeing nearly 8,000km per 50L tank."

From their base in Coominya in the Lockyer Valley, typical destinations in a week include as far west as Roma, and south to Moree in New South Wales, with other regular stops including Tenterfield, Inglewood and Texas.

With the longest of these routes being 490km one way, a unique set of challenges are presented to the truck.

The first and foremost being the regular commute up the Great Dividing Range along the Warrego Highway near Toowoomba, with the six-speed manual transmission coupled to the all-new ECO Fleet power plant managing the daunting road with ease.

"Hauling furniture around, our cargo tends to be more volume than weight," Ian said.

"I can have truck at half load going up the Toowoomba Range in fifth gear, on the speed limit the whole way, no problems.

"On the way back down, even at full load, I just use the exhaust brake and it sits nicely on the speed limit, without an issue."

One of the big attractions of the UD is the truck's outstanding reputation for reliability, with the isolation of many of Ian's destinations putting an emphasis on a dependable vehicle. Thus he renews his truck every three to five years.

Another important factor impacting on Ian's working conditions is the varied quality of local roads, with his 5,500mm long wheelbase model handling the various bumps he comes across effortlessly.

"The comfort of the truck is really improved by the suspension seat for the driver, it rides brilliantly," Ian said.

"Another great feature is the new entertainment console. Out west we are in and out of radio reception, but I plug my iPhone in, and away we go. It's very easy to setup and play music through the truck's stereo, as well as use the phone hands free."

Since taking delivery in early November 2011, the truck has already racked up trouble free 42,000km of service.

For further information about UD Trucks, visit www.udtrucks.com.au.

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