Friday, October 26, 2012

Jeffrey Answers a Questions about Being a Great Sales Manager | Real Wo...

I had to add this video to the CTS Blog. I've seen this scenario many times. Great advice! - CTS

Text from YouTube:

I am taking my first job in Sales Management after being a producer for the last 7 years. Is there any advice or recommendations you have for making that leap? Common pitfalls to avoid?

Why would your boss, in his absolute ignorance, put you from producer to manager or leader without any training? That is the single biggest mistakes that people who are in superior positions make. They're asking you to go in, be a sales manager, just because you're great producer and without any kind of leadership training whatsoever take on a group of people are all jealous of you because it should've been them not you. Not good. So what I would recommend is this: I would recommend that you go out with each one of your people for at least two straight days. See what they do without saying a word. And when you're done, sit and meet with them and ask them what they really need, what they really like, what would they like to have, how would they like to do it better and you better be able to perform on that.

The next thing you do is you go into your boss's office and say why the hell would you put me in this position without any kind of training whatsoever. You're setting me up for failure. I'm a great rep. Do you think I'm going to be a great manager without training? And have them send you some place. At least call me. Call our office 704-333-1112. We have a product called The Force. It will help you significantly. It's a $99 investment. Tell your boss to get it . If he won't get it, buy it yourself.

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