With Australia's heavy economic reliance on rail transport for the mining and rural industries as well as the national distribution of local and imported manufactured products, it's crucial that that rail infrastructure is well constructed and maintained.

Rhomberg Rail Australia - a stand-alone unit of the international rail track construction and maintenance specialist, Rhomberg - is a major provider of these services around Australia. The company offers a complete service package when it comes to rail infrastructure, from design and technical advice, to the onsite work such as track construction and maintenance.

Rhomberg Rail Australia is also responsible for rail infrastructure construction, including rail bridges level crossings and associated works.

Operating from a head office in Regents Park and a Hunter Valley office in Thornton, NSW, Rhomberg Rail Australia employs over 100 staff and is a service provider throughout Australia, with its main clients including ARTC, RailCorp, Transfield, Pacific National and QR National.

Manager Rail Structure, Dennis Bebber, said the company employs four Isuzu trucks in its construction and structures departments.

Rhomberg Rail Australia purchased its first Isuzu trucks in 2008, selecting two NPS 300 Crew models to assist in construction work around Sydney.

These four-wheel-drive NPS 300 trucks have been proved ideal for rail construction work, with their ability to get into otherwise hard to access off-road areas.

Mr Bebber said the company chose crew cabs so that the trucks could also be used to transport construction personnel.

The company purchased a further two Isuzu trucks in 2010 - an Isuzu NQR 450 Crew and Giga CXY 455 Premium - which are both used in the structures unit.

The Isuzu NQR 450 Crew is used to transport the company's smaller equipment and construction team to the work sites. It has been fitted with an equipment storage compartment and a two tonne crane to cater for its equipment and materials delivery tasks.

The Giga CXY 455 Premium has been fitted with a Fassi F1FOA rear mounted crane with a capacity of over seven tonnes at two metres and a reach of 17 metres. To accommodate this, the truck's chassis and wheelbase have been lengthened and a tag-along trailer completes the set up.

The trailer is used to carry an eight tonne high rail excavator or a 17 metre 4 tonne materials handler as required.

"We use the Giga for bridge construction, timber bridge repairs and track work. It's also used as a float for our machines and a containerised meal room and office," Mr Bebber said.

"Both the Giga CXY 455 and NQR 450 have been perfect for the type of work we do and handle the rough conditions encountered working in the rail industry. We selected the Giga in particular as it had the best capacity available to cater for a rear mounted crane.

"The trucks are required to work all over New South Wales and lower Queensland. Our depot is in Thornton and work locations vary from Beaudesart in Queensland to Wee Waa and Tootool in north west and south western New South Wales.

"The Isuzus can be driven on anything from sealed highways to dirt access roads along rail lines. We have had to take the trucks through major floods around Wee Waa and south west New South Wales and through temperatures in the high 40s out west in summer."

Mr Bebber said similarly to the Isuzu NPS models, the NQR 450 and Giga CXY 455 Isuzus are also used to transport crews to locations around the country.

"We have just returned from a job in Port Augusta, to which we drove the Giga CXY 455 to do two weeks work. It took us two days to transport our material and men each way," Mr Bebber said.

According to Mr Bebber, purchasing Isuzu trucks was a good choice for Rhomberg Rail Australia.

"We have found them easy to drive and they present a good company image. Since we purchased the trucks, we haven't had any major maintenance issues."

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