Ram Truck builds momentum for America's Heartland

Turns out the Baltimore Ravens weren’t the only big winners to emerge from this year’s hard-fought NFL Super Bowl.

The 2013 Super Bowl racked up a “Super-Sized” win for the Ram Truck Brand “Farmer” video, as well. "Farmer" aired during the big game's fourth quarter.

18 million views as of Feb. 14! That’s how many post-game ‘hits’ the brand’s much-talked-about video has garnered. It took just ONE week to go above and beyond the 10 million view goal the brand had set to trigger a $1M donation to the National FFA Organization to help fund the organizations “Feeding the World-Starting at Home” initiative.

And the clock is still running as people just can’t seem to get enough of this two-minute moving tribute to the strength and tenacity of the American farmer, told through beautifully compelling images and the “So God Made A Farmer” narrative made memorable decades ago by radio legend Paul Harvey.

Olivier Francois, Chrysler Group LLC Chief Marketing Officer described the video as an effort … “to create a call-to-action to support farmers and to recognize their place as the foundation of the American character"  and added we are "gratified with the dialog the video sparked.”

“Farmer” has inspired hundreds of heartfelt letters to Chrysler Group Chairman & CEO Sergio Marchionne since its first airing.

From the Illinois Farm Bureau - “Many of our members were pleasantly surprised that Ram Trucks would vocalize their view of farmers on such a huge stage, in such a great way.”

Some 250 agribusiness organizations, members of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, expressed their heartfelt gratitude, saying “The ad reminded viewers that farmers and ranchers – those who feed and clothe this country and much of the world – must not be taken for granted …”

“ 'Farmer' is about having America appreciate everything that farmers and farm families do on a daily basis and captures the hardwork, determination and character of the farmer in all of us,” said Fred Diaz, President and CEO – Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico. “We are so pleased and excited that this has touched the hearts and souls of so many people in a positive way.”

These powerful responses send a message about hardwork and determination that Ram Truck not only stands for but continues to support through an initiative called “The Year of the Farmer.” The year-long effort will keep the spotlight focused on American farm families, and include publishing a book of many of the stirring images collected by photographers commissioned to work on the initiative. Ram Truck will donate proceeds from the book to agriculture and hunger efforts across the country.

We’ll keep you updated as Ram Truck gets closer to the publishing date. Meanwhile, here’s another look at “Farmer,” the Ram Truck video that captured the hearts of Super Bowl fans and viewers across the country.

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