Harbor Short Bed Custom Service Body Has Loads Of Storage

This body may be short, buts it's still tall! 

Mono County, CA chose a Ford Super Duty Crew Cab as the chassis for a Harbor Custom Service Body. This gives them a truck that can handle carrying the full crew and plenty of storage space even though it has a short cab-axle! What they lose in length is made up in height!

In addition to the traditional service body cabinets on the drivers side and the passengers side, this custom body has a set of boxes on top that have doors that open upward giving additional space for storage and unique size storage. Because the doors open upward assisted with gas shocks, the items inside are easily seen and accessed. A great choice for someone needing a bit more storage in a great looking package!

There is plenty of open space when you open the rear barn doors as well, enough for a lot of equipment. The rear is finished off with a nice step bumper and a tow package. 

To find out more, you may call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452.
Also find us at www.htbi.net

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