Supreme Inner-City Cutaway Body


Supreme sets the benchmark for cutaway truck bodies. Featuring a cab-access door, flat floor, and tight turning radius, our tough, sturdy Iner-City cutaway is ideal for shorter, multi-delivery routes, effortlessly carrying your cargo. Versatile and rugged, the Iner-City helps you get through the workday with dependable efficiency.

  • Access your cargo without leaving your truck with a cab-access door 
  • Select the best sidewall for your business requirements from 4 sidewall options (availability based on size of truck body) 
  • Minimize front-wall damage with a durable FiberPanel® PW (FRP) front wall 
  • Gain more room with a flat floor Enjoy a smoother ride with a puck-mounted body
  • Protect your truck body frame with durable, molded composite front corner caps 

  • Enjoy more cab room and stand up to move between the cab and cargo area with a full-height cab-access door. Note: Shortens interior truck body length Gain additional storage space with a cab-over attic
  •  Access your cargo with ease in our low-profile design that features lower floor heights Enjoy a bright interior work space by adding natural lighting with a translucent roof
  • Save time, money, and maintenance costs with an aluminum slider ramp for hand-cart loading and unloading, or add a lift gate for heavier loads 
  • Secure your cargo with several cargo control options to best fit your business application
 Learn more at: https://supremecorp.com/truck-bodies/iner-city/

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