A Better Way To Store Long Ladders

Material Rack

We’ve all been there, you pull up to a jobsite and need to retrieve something from your vehicle. Unfortunately that something is obstructed by your ladder that is stored in the bed space of your work truck. So instead of getting what you need right away, you are stuck with removing your ladder to get to it. Your ladder is a vital piece of equipment so it has to stay on your vehicle but it constantly is in the way forcing you to waste time. You begin to wonder, isn’t there a better way to store my ladder?
Of course there is. Regardless if you work out of a pickup, service body, utility body or flatbed there are options to efficiently store ladders.

Read on to discover how: https://www.knapheide.com/news/blog/2018/05/a-better-way-to-store-long-ladders

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