A Distraction Is In Order and Neccessary

The more you pay attention to what you don't like or don't want, the more of it you get. It's just the way it is. You can give it any name you like, but you already know it is true. When there is negative news (is that a double negative?) around and people around you are chatting about it, avoiding it is difficult, yet you must.

It is strange, but in times like these, people seem to hang around work more and also get less done. They feel they need to be there to demonstrate they are there or just being there in case a customer comes in. It's counter productive, but we seem to do it. After all, it is action or activities that we think are at the heart of potential improvement in the current reality of business numbers. Perhaps it is true to some extent, but much more important than that is staying focused on what you do what to happen--having a positive, upbeat, optimistic attitude. A better and simpler way to say it is to feel good. It is understood that sometimes around a work environment, it is hard to feel good, but it is more critical than anything else.

So how can you get and keep that feeling good about things feeling? Distraction. Distract yourself from the day to day "reality." You can do this in hundreds of ways. Here are a few:
  • Instead of eating at lunch time, go hit some balls. If you're a golfer, stop by the driving range and hit a bucket or two. If you like baseball, go to a batting cage and hit some balls. It doesn't take long, but it will take your mind off of things for a half hour or so and the refreshment you receive will be powerful.
  • If you can get away for part of the afternoon, go see a movie you would like to see. Right in the middle of the day.
  • If you have nice countryside nearby, go for a little drive. If it's nice out, put the windows or the top down and drive slower enjoying the feeling rather than trying to get someplace.
  • Go for a walk. During a lunch hour, you can walk about 3 miles.
  • Got an amusement park nearby? Go ride the roller coaster or a few other rides. Just for the fun of it.

You can make your own list, but the more spur of the moment it is, it is probably better. Do something unusual, out of your routine and fun. Reality will still be there when you come back, but it will have a different look and feel.

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