I Gladly Take Help From Everyone Who Offers

I have an ego just like everyone else and sometimes I get a little stuck on myself, but I have learned over the years to listen anyway and see what someone has to say; try to understand them and see how it feels after a fair hearing. Now, in my older wisdom, I listen much more quickly and it makes a huge difference. I also find that the other person's ideas mixed with mine creates a synergy that could not have been there before and that is the real power in taking help from others.

If someone offers you help with or without some kind of price tag, it pays to listen enough to see what they have to offer. It amazes me a bit when we offer to help a potential client and they just turn it down without any kind of hearing. What sense does that make? With most of them, we are totally confident we can assist them to make more money, more sales, more efficiency and we are eager to be of service and fully flexible in the way of cost and services and yet we hear excuses and reasons not to listen to us. It's okay. We understand that not everyone will want to listen, but hey, when your house is on fire and someone offers you a hose with water in it, it's time to say, "thank you, I needed that!"

Think about it next time someone offers you help. Taking it could make all the difference in the world.

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