Intercontinental Truck Body Builds Unique Tool Body On 6x6 Mack Truck

Intercontinental Truck Body of Conrad, Montana recently built a unique tool body for their client, Bonneville Power and is mounted on a 6x6 Mack truck. Just a few of the features include:

  • The generator is mounted on an inverted "bed slide." It hangs from the roof of the generator compartment, and can be slid out for ease of maintenance.
  • The rear bottom step is a flip-up/flip-down design, and a removable entry assist handle was added for more ingress/egress safety.
  • A custom wire aluminum wire rack was built with strength and weight in mind. An aluminum toolbox was added under the wire rack for efficient use of space.
  • Exterior tool boxes were created for access to items without entering the body.
  • Behind the Lista cabinets, Intercontinental Truck Body build a custom ladder holder, so ladders can be slid in the rear, and stored inside protected from the weather.
  • Notice also the unique rear door assembly with special lighting that is aim able depending on door opening.
Although Bonneville Power had some specs in mind, ITB's engineers worked together with the Bonneville team to make each desire become a working utility within this truck. Commercial Truck Success thinks it is an awesome mobile workshop designed to go just about anywhere and carry very heavy loads to boot. Nice job ITB!

Our thanks go to Mitch Hauer, General Sales Manager of Intercontinental Truck Body for sharing these photos and this job with all of us. See more from ITB at http://www.itbusa.com/.

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