2010 - Successful Foundation Year For Isuzu Truck South Africa

As Craig Uren, Isuzu Truck South Africa Chief Operating Officer, points out that in “2010 Isuzu Truck SA and their dealers have grown again according to plan in a highly competitive truck market hampered by a shortage of finance.” Uren expects the South African 2010 truck and bus market to end around 21700 units with a similar pattern and a forecast of 23500 for 2011.

Following the successful launch of the technological class-leading N-Series in 2008, the Isuzu F-Series ‘Flippin-Fantastic’ launch in 2010 established an Isuzu presence never experienced before in the SA truck market. The all-new F-Series launched in 2010 includes a 13-model line-up compared to the previous 9-model range. Isuzu F-Series now offers GVM’s stepped from 10000kg to 11000kg, 13500kg, 15000kg, 16000kg, 22500kg, 24000kg and 26000kg.
Five new Isuzu FX/GX models, positioned as the heavy-duty end of the F-Series range were launched in October 2010. The entire Isuzu F-Series model line-up now consists of more than 18 models with gross vehicle masses (GVM) from 3550kg to 28000kg, and gross combination masses (GCM) from 7050kg up to 45000kg. There is an Isuzu F-Series GVM and a GCM for every task and application. It is the most formidable freight carrier line-up available to South African operators.
Isuzu Gigamax tops the model range in the extra-heavy class.

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