Henderson 10-Yard Dump Body With Snow Plow and Much More

Attached are photos of a Snow plow truck recently built by West Coast Truck Equipment. There is a lot to this truck that isn't necessarily visible.

The Body is a Henderson E-series body with asphalt rear. This body is designed to handle heavy loads with a 1/4" AR400 crossmemberless Floor. The rear body and tailgate slope is design to give better clearance when dumped so that it can be used with chip spreader machines and paving machines without hitting the hopper when dumping. The Typical Clearance on a dump when fully dumped is 25-30" with this design we can get 36" with a 42" chassis frame height.

The Central Hydraulic system is powered off the front crank shaft of the motor and is set up to run the dump body, snow plow up, down and angle right and left, as well as a v-box spreader with walking floor and rear spinner. The hydraulics for the rear spinner have been set up to spread the same amount of product on the ground despite variable truck ground speed, and is also capable of blasting material at a thicker rate if desired, all of which can be programmed for different spread rates.

Front and rear end hydraulic connections are of quick disconnect type for customer-supplied snow plow and v-box spreader which will be installed by customer later per their preference.

This versatile truck really shows how this customer is utilizing its fleet, from winter snow control to dump truck application as well assisting with asphalt machines and chip spreaders.

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