SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA (January 6, 2011) – Maxon Lift Corp, the leader in liftgates, is excited to announce the launch of the next generation of its best-selling Tuk-A-Way® liftgate, the GPT (Grand Prix Tuk-A-Way®). This newest generation features - among many other upgrades - a bolt-on extension plate and bolt-on step options, resulting in a fully integrated liftgate product.

Since the invention of the first Tuk in 1957 by company founder Max Lugash, Maxon has dominated the Tuk-A-Way® segment. Innovations such as the GPT, which revolutionized the industry with its introduction in 1986, have clearly established Maxon’s dominance in this segment. Decades later, Maxon again made strides by being at the forefront of the bolt-on revolution: first in 2001 with its MTB, a full body bolt-on gate, then in 2007 with its BMRSD, a bolt-on ready Columnlift® with pre-installed mounting brackets.

Bolting on the extension plate and steps, versus the current practice of welding, has two crucial advantages: it overcomes corrosion issues - induced by welding and repainting - and it simplifies installation. Welding results in corrosion issues due to the fact that factory paint has to be removed before the welding process, then repainted once again when welding is complete. Not to mention, welding is a crude process that is costly, time consuming and lacks precision. Additionally, the bolt-on solution simplifies installation by eliminating the practice of adding aftermarket steps during the installation process. Today, aftermarket steps are typically added by installers, which results in additional welding on the gate and associated corrosion issues.

Consequently, the newest generation GPT comes with Maxon-made bolt-on steps and a bolt-on extension plate, resulting in a truly integrated product that streamlines deployment and cuts costs.

Maxon Lift Corp. was founded in 1957. That same year, owner Max Lugash invented the Tuk-A-Way® liftgate, which remains the largest selling style of liftgate in North America. For more than fifty years, Maxon Lift Corp. has initiated and developed a variety of innovative products that have become truck equipment industry benchmarks. Find out why “The Future is Now” with the next-generation GPT at http://www.maxonlift.com/products/tukaway.htm.

More company information can be obtained from Maxon and local Maxon sales representatives at 800-227-4116 or www.maxonlift.com.

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