TEDxTucson Jonathan Northover The Future of the Electric Vehicle

We had a stimulating night of great presenters, and this was one of the evening's highlights, as Jonathan is an excellent and engaging speaker. There are some obstacles to creating electric cars as everyone knows, and in this video we learn about some exciting innovations that will hopefully make these vehicles ubiquitous.

Jonathan Northover is an attorney who practiced corporate law for one of the world's top 5 law firms, Allen & Overy. Since his departure seven years ago, he has worked on capital defense cases, consulted for technology companies, and worked as an actor and playwright. He recently finished recording a voiceover project as a SIMs video game character and has therefore been able to focus on consulting in one of his areas of interest, the electric vehicle industry.

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Unknown said...

He fails to address the current electrical infrastructure that will generate and distribute the electricity for these vehicles. That is a major roadblock requiring billions in investment to achieve success.