Taylor Steinberg Talks About The Knapheide CNG Service Body

Taylor Steinberg of Knapheide Manufacturing talks to Ryan Stone of Commercial Truck Success about the Knapheide CNG option for their service body line.

Recorded on March 9, 2011 at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis using a Flip Video camera.

Some information from the Knapheide website at http://www.knapheide.com/:

Compressed Natural Gas

Knapheide has invested in relationships with the two top CNG fuel system providers in the industry, BAF Technologies (Ford Chassis) and Baytech Corporation (GM Chassis). Because of these relationships, Knapheide has been able to develop work ready CNG fuel vehicles on both Ford and GM chassis. CNG has become a popular choice for large fleets due to the significantly lower operating costs compared to gas or diesel vehicles. CNG fueled vehicles emit 30% less greenhouse gas compared to gas or diesel vehicles. Over 98% of natural gas is produced in North America allowing the United States to rely less on foreign oil as a fuel source.

Direct benefits to fleets/end users that convert to compressed natural gas include:

  • CNG is eligible for the Federal Qualified Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle credit
  • On-site CNG fueling stations offer additiional benefits to large fleets with dedicated work routes
  • CNG engines emit 80% less noise compared to diesel engines
  • CNG offers a lower fuel cost and longer vehicle life expectancy for fleet vehicles
  • CNG packages are available for many popular commercial vehicles and retrofits for existing vehicles

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