Gortite® Roll-Up Covers and Doors

Gortite roll-up covers and doors at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianappolis. Here is some information from their website at http://www.gortite.com/:

Gortite® has designed and built Roll Up Covers for over 30 years. This expertise, combined with state of the art manufacturing technology and equipment, and the largest cover selection in the industry, make Gortite® the natural choice for even the most demanding applications

Available in a variety of fabrics, stainless steel or flexible aluminum, Gortite® Roll Up Covers can be delivered as is, or in a protective canister - factory pre-loaded and ready to mount, or with air motors for large walk-on applications

Steelclad Covers are manufactured with 1/8"x1/2" steel bars riveted to an elastomer-coated fabric shade. They provide a smaller rolled up diameter and greater bending flexibility, up to a 90° angle with a 1" radius, and offer the ideal protection for confined applications.

Alumaflex Covers are manufactured of 1/8" aluminum extrusions joined by urethane hinges. Their great flexibility offers a small rolled up diameter, or they can be used alone without a roller.

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