Knapheide Website Enhancements


September 08, 2011

Knapheide launches updated Features & Benefits page that can be utilized as a product feature outline or sales tool.

Knapheide recently developed an enhanced "Features & Benefits" page and implemented it into the website.  This new page features a more in depth look at the standard features available on individual products.  The new format allows Knapheide to show web users up close the quality of their products.

The old "Features & Benefits" page displayed a list of bullet points that outline the standard features found on the specific Knapheide product.  The new "Features & Benefits" page enables Knapheide to show web users why their products are superior to any competitor products. 

The new format displays several different views of the Knapheide product and allows users to open and close compartment doors or raise and lower the hoist.  Each view contains different clickable "hotspots" (gray circles outlined in white).  As a user clicks on one of the "hotspots" an expanded photo and text description appears below the product view.  Users can click on the expanded feature thumbnail to get an even larger view for an up close and personal look.

Currently, the Standard Service Body, KUV, and Rigid Side Dump Body product pages have the updated "Features & Benefits" layout.  Over the course of the next few months, Knapheide will be converting all "Features & Benefits" pages to the new layout.  Take some time and check out the new "Features & Benefits" pages and see for yourself why Knapheide products are the best in the industry!

Click HERE for the new Standard Service Body "Features & Benefits".  Click HERE for the new KUV "Features & Benefits".  Click HERE for the new Rigid Side Dump Body "Features & Benefits".

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