Power Where and When You Need It

Work trucks are often on job sites getting work done at the time of need and getting power to operate tools is sometimes a challenge. Here is one answer that is most effective and goes where ever your truck goes. It is the power inverter. These are available is various sizes depending on the amount of power needed typically. With some of these you could set up an entire shop worth of equipment. In the photo above, this inverter is shown mounted inside a service body with a vented protective cover. We can also mount it in the top of the cabinet so it doesn't take up any cargo space. In this case, there is a transverse compartment that is used frequently, so it made more sense to mount it below.

Because these units are fairly small, we can mount them in a wide variety of locations, and you will have all the power you deserve when you need it.

Our thanks to California Work Trucks in Union City CA for this piece. For more information, give them a call at 510-477-8425. Their website is under construction and will be available soon at http://www.calworktrucks.com/..

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