Silver Knapheide KUV by California Work Trucks

KUV-CC mounted on dually GMC Extended Cab with custom paint
and 3 bar custom rack.

If you have a truck but want both external and internal secure storage for all your tools and components? Meet the Knapheide KUVcc, designed and manufactured with the truck owner in mind.

Maybe you like the toughness and durability of a truck chassis or have to take your vehicle off road to make it to the jobsite or need 4 wheel drive most of the year. The Knapheide KUVcc has all the same features as a KUV for a van chassis. Since productivity is important to you, this vehicle shouldn't be overlooked. With more than enough external storage and a secure internal cargo storage area, the KUVcc can greatly increase your productivity day in and day out. If you prefer to drive a truck but prefer the efficiency of a KUV, check out the KUVcc

Features & Benefits

  • KnapTight double panel rear cargo doors lock and seal into the body frame for increased security
  • Two conduit chutes to transport copper pipe, pvc, and conduit
  • Master Locking System locks down all side compartments in one move for an extra layer of security
  • 250 lb. adjustable divider shelves for organization
  • Compartment doors employ double spring over center retainers for elimination of involuntary swing and to keep your doors either open or closed
  • All stainless steel continuous hinges for compartment security
  • Thick bulb type neoprene door seals protect compartment cargo from the outside elements
  • Stainless steel paddle-activated, rotary style latches close easily and stay closed
  • Spacious cargo area for transporting oversized items such as water heaters
  • Two interior dome lights with switch in cargo area for increased visibility
  • All compartments can lock individually with the key cylinder located in the latch housing
  • Complete immersion in Knapheide's electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance
This post is courtesy of Californial Work Trucks, a Knapheide distributor in Union City, CA. http://www.calworktrucks.com/ or http://www.californiaworktrucks.com/

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