First Nissan NV Vans With Quigley 4x4 Units Are Off Production Line

Latest News From the Quigley 4x4 website:
Our first orders started to arrive the beginning of October 2012.  The first two are off the production floor and finishing up in QC!  We are excited to be under way on our latest product offering.  The photos below show our first 2 production orders passing our online QC checks and ready to be lowered.  From here the units will go through our alignment analysis and then off to our final QC testing and approval.  The final QC process includes many rigorous procedures including a thorough drive test sequence.  Our sales staff is waiting to hear from you, 800-233-9358, on the Nissan NV 4x4!
See more about Quigley products at http://www.quigley4x4.com/

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