Monday, April 29, 2013

Isuzu Models Pass 150 With Latest Truck Release

The release of three new model variants as part of its 2013 model year N and F Series upgrades has seen the Isuzu truck range hit 154 models, the most comprehensive range ever offered by IAL, and easily providing the broadest truck model choice in the Australian market.

In the light duty segment, Isuzu has 58 N Series on offer; the selection is even greater for medium duty applications with 64 F Series available.

The FX Series, which covers 10 model variants, was recently joined by nine Isuzu twin steer FY Series trucks, bridging the gap between the standard F Series and the heavy duty Giga C and E Series trucks of which 13 variants are available.

All up the product range sees Isuzu without peer in the breadth of models it can offer Australian truck buyers, whether they require a car-licence ready-to-work vehicle, a B-double capable prime mover, or just about anything in between.

According to IAL Director and COO, Phil Taylor, a broad product range is an important component in keeping existing customers while it also helps attract new ones.

"Isuzu has been particularly successful over many years at identifying niches in the market and introducing models with specifications that go hand-in-hand with customer requirements," Mr Taylor said.

"Our desire to fill as many gaps as possible in the market has seen the Isuzu range expand enormously and it now sits at 154 variants.

"Having a broad product range allows our customers to grow their businesses while maintaining their relationship with our brand," Mr Taylor said.

"Those who have had a good experience with Isuzu will be more likely to choose Isuzu in another weight category if circumstances in their business change, while for prospective customers, the chances are high that Isuzu will have a model to suit their application."

A number of additional Isuzu models have been slated for release later this year.

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