Joel’s Mobile Detailing Downsizes from Full Size Van to Nissan NV200

This Nissan NV200  is being used by Joel's Mobile Detailing in Tampa, Florida.

This van provides an excellent presentation; it is an unobtrusive when parked in the driveway of customers in deed restricted neighborhoods. Joel was detailing an SUV in the Westchase neighborhood, Tampa, FL. Notice that he is working in the customer’s driveway; the van has nice, unobtrusive graphics on removable magnetic signs.

Word of Mouth at Work! Joel takes a break answers questions about his services to a neighbor .

Joel reports that the new NV200 van replaced a full size van that he used for many years. This van provides enough space for a Water Tank and Generator as well as all the other supplies needed for his detailing operation. He reports that the NV200 has excellent acceleration and ride and consumes about ½ the fuel as his previous full size van used.

The fully detailed SUV
Joel's Mobile Detailing may be found at: www.joelsmobiledetailingservice.com  

Guest Post by Steve Taylor:

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