Dark horse: Nissan's 'Midnight' Frontier punches above its weight

 2018 Nissan Frontier Midnight Edition

Look around: just about all of the latest full-size pickups proliferating on America's roads have descriptions like "larger in every dimension." They're boasting they can do more, but they're also taller to see over and harder to maneuver in the country's many saturated, dense driving environments. What happened to the smaller but often surprisingly useful trucks that could thread the needle just as well in urban concrete as off the pavement?

That's a question that particularly applies for tradesmen and fleets in cities and surrounding metro regions relying on the do-all pickup truck. It's one the Japanese automakers have long been good at answering, with offerings like Toyota's Tacoma logging more than 20 years of sales in the United States. General Motors has its Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, and Ford is about to leap back into the class with its reincarnated Ranger.

But the smaller, more compact pickup has perhaps had its most consistent place over the years at Nissan, which began rolling them off assembly lines in the early 1930s under its former name Datsun. And Nissan's current midsize Frontier, which also has been sold on these shores for more than two decades, offers some very full-size-like prowess and utility — particularly in the last dozen years or so, courtesy of its available (and large for the segment) 24-valve 4.0L V6.

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