4 Methods To Sell Your Work Truck

What is your process of getting rid of an old work truck when it comes time to buy new? If you don’t have experience with this task it can become quite daunting. While getting rid of a commercial truck isn’t as simple as trading in a used car, the technologies of today have made it substantially easier.

1. Dealer Trade-In

The majority of commercial truck dealers focus on selling new commercial trucks and their inventory reflects that with little, sometimes none, used commercial trucks. However, searching for and finding a commercial truck dealer that accepts trade-ins could create a convenient transaction for your next new work truck purchase. While you won’t get the highest dollar on your trade-in, you will save some time by not having to deal with privately selling your used work truck.

2. Auction

There are many auction companies that specialize in heavy equipment, machinery and work trucks. Instead of you managing the seller process, the auction company helps market your work truck and handle the transaction. While all of this comes with a cost, selling at an auction is a less hassle option for you.

3. Paid Listings

Cars.com, Autotrader and Carmax are all online outlets for retail vehicles. Similar online outlets exist for commercial trucks. Sites like Commercial Truck Trader, Truck Paper. Ebay and many others contain thousands of work trucks, many of which are listings from private sellers. For a nominal fee, you can list your used work truck on sites like these and gain a significant amount of exposure. Keep in mind, depending upon where the buyer is located, you may incur logistics costs with getting the vehicle to the buyer depending upon the arrangement.

4. Free Listings

There are many online sites that offer free listings to sell your stuff, including your used work truck. Social media sites like Facebook and websites like Craigslist are viable options for selling a commercial truck. While they may not be considered as high quality as a paid online listing site, they offer up additional exposure and are better than slapping a “for sale” sign on the side of the truck and parking it on the street.

Consider some of these additional thoughts before selling your used work truck. If your work truck is highly customized, it may shrink the buyer’s market size. Depending upon the economy and demand for work trucks, your used work truck may bring a premium price.

Source: https://www.knapheide.com/news/blog/2018/08/4-methods-to-sell-your-work-truck

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